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Our Philosophy

Preserving Capital and Making It Grow means delivering consistent positive risk-adjusted returns throughout entire market cycles, with a strong focus on risk management and capital preservation. Portfolio composition is determined by market opportunities rather than any predetermined commitment to investment discipline or a rigid allocation strategy. 

Our approach to asset management is based on the same fundamental elements that we have employed since 2000. Our objectives are to create long-term value for our clients by generating consistent, positive, absolute returns while protecting investor capital. We continue to develop new, carefully considered investment portfolios for our clients. Our study of market cycles combined with the consistency of our approach to investing and risk management, has been integral to the success of our firm.  Our approach to investing is defined by certain common elements:

  • Consistent, Positive, Absolute Returns

Our investment process focuses on generating consistent, positive, absolute returns across an entire market cycle. Our goal is to preserve capital during prolonged periods of market decline and produce competitive investment performance in rising markets.

  • Multi-Strategy Approach

Our portfolios are invested across multiple strategies with no set commitment to a rigid and unchanging allocation strategy. Portfolio composition is determined by selecting what we believe are the best market opportunities, consistent with the investment objectives for each of our portfolios. Our ability to invest in multiple strategies enables us to adjust our portfolio allocations as market conditions change.

  • Focus on Fundamentals

We approach investments in each of our strategies through our fundamental analysis of the market drivers. We are more concerned about capital preservation and creating positive and consistent long term investment results than we are beating market indexes.   

  • Investment and Risk Management Processes

Our investment and risk management processes are central to the way we allocate capital. We focus on actively managing the exposures of our portfolios. Our risk management practices are based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis.   We manage risk by monitoring market cycles, analyzing market data and by increasing or decreasing various market exposures in response to market momentum, market volatility, socio-economic conditions and other factors. During prolonged stock market downturns we have sought the safety of investment alternatives including high concentrations into cash or money market funds.