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Year-End Rally Ahead? Thumbnail

Year-End Rally Ahead?

As we begin to turn the page on another month, and another quarter, the market enters the final quarter of the year on shaky ground. As was outlined in our last report, September- a historically poor month for the market- has seen the drop in the market continue. It’s beginning to close in on levels in the S&P 500 that a typical correction would drop to.

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An August Correction Thumbnail

An August Correction

The long-awaited correction in the market has been playing out as we near the end of August. So far as it’s played out, it appears to be just that- a correction. And not something deeper signaling another top in the market yet. Another push to new highs could be on the horizon, but historically the month of September can be tricky.

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Halfway Through 2023 Thumbnail

Halfway Through 2023

It’s hard to believe, but yes, we are already halfway through the year. We have seen quite the change in 6 months compared to where things were at the end of 2022. There are things about this market currently to get excited about, and things that signal caution. Both bulls and bears can present compelling arguments for why the market will go up or down from here, with many possibilities in between.

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The Return of the Mega-Caps and Another Bank Failure Thumbnail

The Return of the Mega-Caps and Another Bank Failure

The week of April 24th saw many of the mega-cap stocks report earnings, with most of them posting impressive first quarter results that led to their stock prices moving higher. Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), and Meta (Facebook) all saw significant gains after their release of first quarter earnings

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Market News - March 17, 2023 Thumbnail

Market News - March 17, 2023

First, it was Silicon Valley Bank, now it’s San Francisco-based First Republic Bank taking a hit. Like Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic is another bank catering to “free-money” startups. First Republic’s shares are now down 86% from their peak in November of 2021.

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Did Something Break? Thumbnail

Did Something Break?

The recent banking failures could be the beginning of what’s been called the most anticipated recession ever. A lack of confidence in the system can spread quickly. The fact that SVB failed in just a matter of hours was shocking and has never been seen before. The hope is the problem does not cascade to other banks and other parts of the economy.

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