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Insights & News

Market Update Thumbnail

Market Update

With the start to 2022 almost 1 month in, it’s become clear this year won’t be like the previous one. We continue to let our indicators and the charts guide our decision making. We’ve become much more cautious with what we’re seeing, but will be ready to deploy cash and reposition portfolios as indicators change. Risks affecting the market continue to rise, and we’ll see if the market can eventually get back to climbing that wall of worry.

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2021 In Review Thumbnail

2021 In Review

In our latest Situation Report, our Chief Investment Officer Jim Reardon breaks down a 2021 year in review. He dives into major topics of the past year such as inflation, supply chain problems, the worker shortage, cryptocurrency, and ESG Investing.

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Market News - January 21, 2022 Thumbnail

Market News - January 21, 2022

Stunningly higher shipping costs are yet another element of the nation’s supply chain problems. Shipping costs have skyrocketed as shortages of trucks, truck drivers, warehouse workers and others constrict the shipping pipeline and raise costs.

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Market News - January 14, 2022 Thumbnail

Market News - January 14, 2022

The value of a dollar has plummeted lately with the recent ravages of inflation, but the loss of value is just a more severe and considerably steeper continuation of the long-term decline in the value of a dollar. As measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the dollar has lost about 40% of its purchasing power just since January 1, 2000. Once called the “almighty” dollar, it seems that adjective is hardly warranted now.

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Market News - January 7, 2022 Thumbnail

Market News - January 7, 2022

Applications for first-time unemployment benefits rose slightly last week to 207,000, the Labor Department reported. The reading remained near its more than 50-year low, suggesting that the soaring number of Omicron cases isn’t having much effect on layoffs. Economists had expected initial jobless claims to total 195,000.

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Market News - December 31, 2021 Thumbnail

Market News - December 31, 2021

The number of people filing new unemployment claims declined last week, remaining near 52‑year lows. The Labor Department reported 198,000 people applied for first-time unemployment benefits last week. Economists had expected a reading of 205,000. The extremely low number of people applying reflects the reluctance of businesses to lay off workers when qualified labor is so hard to obtain.

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